Weed Weddings Are the Latest Trend, And They Are Every Stoner’s Dream

It looks like marijuana is set to be accepted across the world. Canada will soon be the first of only two countries to have legalized recreational marijuana, paving the way for others to do the same. Marijuana is going to be a huge industry, if it isn’t already, and there are many new trends and products emerging as businesses gear up to cannabis legalization.

Marijuana Weddings

One new trend which is catching on is marijuana weddings. Traditionally people were limited to alcohol when it came to weddings, as this was the only legal drug that was socially acceptable. However, in states where marijuana is legal in the US, many weddings are incorporating weed as a suitable complement and alternative. It will make the food taste better and ensure a more relaxed vibe all around.

Last year, a cannabis wedding expo took place in Denver, Colorado. The expo outlined how couples could successfully incorporate cannabis into their weddings in the most tasteful way possible (no pun intended). And it is not that weddings are simply putting some cannabis edibles on the menu. There are weddings that have a marijuana theme with hemp themed décor and other innovations.

Guests will no longer have to go and smoke weed outside but can casually light up in public, as the stigma is being removed. There are a number of things to expect from a weed wedding. It is important to remember that now that weed is legalized it is no longer a back-alley affair. Soon enough we can expect vintage high-quality weed, the best of the best, at high prices. There will be elite high-class marijuana retail outlets, brands and commercial smoking venues. Now that it is legalized it is a commercial product subject to the same conditions as other products. Which is a good thing, to have diversity and options as opposed to one centralized weed repository.

At a weed wedding, you can expect to visit a weed bar with a professional budtender. The budtender will be educated on all strains and help the customer attain the high that they are after. You may even convince the bartender and the budtender to make a marijuana cocktail.

Each table at a weed wedding will have its own personal supply of gourmet weed. Every table is cannabis themed and the centerpieces are often beautiful bouquets including buds of cannabis. There may be glass bongs or pipes at every table, which may be engraved with the name of the bride and groom. With the crowd high, the best man’s speech might be a lot more humorous to them.

And of course, the cannabis edibles are not simply going to be bought online and served in the same package to customers. The crowd will have a choice as to whether they would like a relaxing Indica edible or a party sativa edible, to get them in the mood. There is a whole world that has opened up in terms of cannabis cookables. Cannabis can be blended into traditional forms of food in an infinite amount of ways. It will be interesting to see how regular restaurants react to marijuana legalization. There will be sections of marijuana edibles on every menu. Because the area is so new, there are many chefs who are currently innovating on new recipes.

It is important to remember that weed is not going to cure the world of all it problems. It won’t solve third world hunger, it won’t save the environment, it won’t fix any family issues you happen to be having and it won’t magically cure every disease as some people think. It is a fantastic plant with many useful applications, but there may still be people who do not like or take well to weed, the same way some people do not do very well on alcohol. While weeds weddings are every stoners dream, it may not be so welcomed by all of the populace. Moderation is always a good thing. A marijuana addict is little better than an alcoholic, and hopefully it is not simply a replacement of one addiction to another.

Future Trends

Weed weddings are not the only trend that arecurrently being set. One fad is called extraction, where cannabinoids and other natural extractions are removed from the plant to create a high-quality product. To do this requires a high precision trimmer. There are marijuana hiking trips, growing events, marijuana tasting events, growing competitions, smoking competitions, marijuana day spas, marijuana massages and more. The fact is that marijuana is such an incredibly versatile plant that anything that is done ordinarily can be made better with some form of marijuana, whether it is a topical, edible, bud or tincture.

Hysteria is possibly overtaking common sense a little bit in terms of marijuana. Which is understandable. Anything that has been inappropriately forbidden for so long is going to entail a kick back in the opposite direction. After decades of suppression, Americans are now going all out to celebrate the reintroduction of one of their most loved luxuries – marijuana. In a few years when people have come to terms with legalization, marijuana will be as common as alcohol, perhaps even more so. In the meantime, the excitement and innovation continues as new products, topicals edibles, strains and inhalation methods are invented and explored by the populace.

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