Does using Aluminum and Plastic Foil Pipes and Bowls Pose Health Threat?

Stoners are known to be one of the most creative groups of people. Their innovativeness, craftiness, and desperation drive them invent the sickest of smoking ideas. Some have come up with homemade bongs and pipes made out of aluminum foil or plastic. We are going to discuss the impact on human health of using smoking apparatus made of the two materials.


Whether you look at it from a personal health or environmental perspective, burning plastics is equally dangerous and highly discouraged.

From an environmentalist’s point of view, when you burn plastics the resulting toxins rise through the air and affect everything they come into contact with including animals, plants, water, air, and the soil. Monterey weed smokers can get cheap, safe equipment delivered in a quick and efficient manner and avoid the risks.

On burning plastics, the pollutants are transported through the air to different places and finally deposited in water or on land. The toxins in burning plastic include dioxins, furans, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and mercury. The WEFC says that these elements have long lifetimes and end to bio-accumulate.

When an individual uses plastic foils pipes and bowls, he or she directly inhales the toxins. According to the WEFC, the toxins cause many health problems including increasing the risk of heart disease, long term-distress in the reproductive and health systems, and may cause pains and headache.

When one consumes plastic toxins they are permanently stored in the body. The problem worsens with pregnant women, as in most cases the placenta can absorb chemicals and transfer them to the fetus.


While many people have directly linked aluminum to Alzheimer’s, there is no scientific proof.

Scientists have found that the condition results from plaques caused by abnormally high concentrations of Amyloid Beta proteins in the brain. The proteins have tendency to build up, disrupting cellular communication, and over time cause neural pathways breakdown. This makes an individual to lose memory, have difficulty solving problems, and be generally confused.

When the metal is exposed to air, it quickly forms an aluminum oxide layer that protects the inside layers from further reaction. If at all there is any aluminum that will end up in the smoke, that could be aluminum oxide, and there is scanty data on this oxide’s toxicity, though it appears equally toxic to other particulates. Order safe smoking apparatus from one of the Monterey weed dispensaries and smoke safely.

Unless aluminum foil is lined with other elements such as plastic, it is non-toxic. Soda cans, which are normally used to make home-made pipes and bongs, have interior plastic lining which on burning produces toxins. Pure aluminum foil doesn’t produce toxic fumes.

While weed smokers are creative enough, they most of the time put their health at risk by using plastic ways to make bong and pipes. We recommend you go to a dispensary when in doubt to get an approved smoking device alongside your weed delivery Monterey. Even if you have been using those, there’s no reason to piss in your pants, but you must stop now!

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