Impact of Recreational Marijuana Legalization on Monterey Weed Industry

Monterey weed

With the legalization of Marijuana in California, Monterey County has also approved the Monterey weed business. Licensing is limited and the immediate reaction reveals a slow start. The year 2018 has come with some exciting Monterey marijuana news for the Monterey weed industry.The State of California has officially legalized recreational marijuana and its sale. The impact of this decision might take time to be felt due to the framework for marijuana trade that details new regulations. Starting Marijuana Business in California To secure a license that allows you to open a recreational marijuana…

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Does using Aluminum and Plastic Foil Pipes and Bowls Pose Health Threat?

Stoners are known to be one of the most creative groups of people. Their innovativeness, craftiness, and desperation drive them invent the sickest of smoking ideas. Some have come up with homemade bongs and pipes made out of aluminum foil or plastic. We are going to discuss the impact on human health of using smoking apparatus made of the two materials. Plastic Whether you look at it from a personal health or environmental perspective, burning plastics is equally dangerous and highly discouraged. From an environmentalist’s point of view, when you…

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