Most Popular Weed Strains Ever Grown

weed strains

If you are into tasting different types of weed, it is possible you have come across various types of strains available today. When you check out the various strains, sometimes you might be confused about which one to pick. Each of the strain would have something that attracts more users to get to use it. Depending on the effects the strain can give to the users, it can end up being famous or infamous. Whether it is medical marijuana or recreational marijuana you can expect to find the most popular weed strains from each category. We get to look at some of the most popular weed strains that have ever been grown.

Weed Strains

Blue Dream

Blue DreamEven from the name, you can always tell that this one will take you to the dreamland in no time. Well, this is a sativa-dominant strain that comes with various effects that you will like. The strain is quite aromatic and flavorful each time you get to smoke it. The strain derives most of its features from the parent strains that are Blueberry and Haze strains. The blueberry aroma and savory taste should get you excited about using the strain more often.

The strain still boasts of having high THC levels. This is what leads to having the best high of all times. The best part is that it is great for new or experienced smokers. You will enjoy it without worrying that you will have to cough each time you smoke it.

Super Silver Haze

This is another sativa-dominant marijuana in Monterey that you can buy today. The strain is popular for having won super silverseveral awards over the years, especially in the 90s. Many people have come to appreciate what the strain can offer when it comes to the high. As much as you can get high quickly, it is always a smooth high. The strain is also a common parent to various marijuana strains. It also has a number of medical benefits patients could use.

Pineapple Express

You might know this strain because of the movie with an equivalent name done by Seth Rogan and James Franco. After the movie, the strain skyrocketed in its popularity. There is no doubt that you will find this strain hard hitting. You might want to be a veteran to smoke the strain. Most new smokers would find the strain being too strong. Even the veteran smokers have to take it slow.

Considering that it has Trainwreck and Hawaiian strains as its parents, it could only give you the best of both strains. The strain also comes with a citrus and earthy taste that drives more people to use it in the cannabis industry.

OG Kush

This is a strain with a high THC level. This only means one thing; it is highly potent. The strain has made a name for itself for being great in its effects. It can be used for various uses for both recreational or as medical marijuana. Marijuana cultivation guides on this strain has shown that you will have a great time cultivating it. You shouldalso end up with a high yield. Anyone looking to grow the strain will always love to see a high yield in the end. The strain is also good as a parent for many other strains you can get on the market today.

Sour Diesel

Any weed grow guide would have this strain in it. This is due to its popularity. The strain is known for having high THC levels and the high can hit you almost immediately. You will not have to wait for a long time to get high on the strain. Its high can pack a strong punch, so you might want to take slow at first. You can always increase the dose as you get tolerant to the strain.

As you can see, there are several top weed strains you could get today. These are not the only top weed strains as other exist. It all depends on what you like. You might want to take time to check out several strains before making up your mind.

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