Medical marijuana’s legal, but schools fear crackdown if students use

Florida has a very complex set of rules when it comes to marijuana legalization. And some might argue that the rules and requirements laid down in Florida are far more stringent than in other states. An example of this is that in Florida, while medical marijuana is legal, patients are not permitted to cultivate their own crop. This might seem somewhat counterintuitive. But patients have to go to medical dispensaries to get their supply of medical marijuana, and these dispensaries only work with select approved companies. The whole process of legalization in Florida seems quite centralized in its application. And it is difficult to get a medical marijuana card. In many other states, it is no more than a formality and can be bought online with minimal requirements. This is not the case in Florida where only a select list of conditions will permit the application of medical marijuana.

Schools Fear Crackdown

Schools in Florida are having a tough time deciding what to do in terms of medical marijuana legalization. There are currently a large number of children who are applicable for medical marijuana to treat their illnesses in school. However, there are many questions as to how the marijuana is to be administered and by whom.

Marijuana is still an illegal drug at the federal level, while medical marijuana is legal in Florida at the state level. School officials cannot go ahead and distribute marijuana without fear of imprisonment. After all, teachers do work directly for the federal government. Lisa Maxwell, who heads the Broward County Principals’ and Assistants Association, said her group would combat any efforts to make administrators responsible for marijuana storage or distribution.

“We would vehemently oppose anyone being required to administer something that they could ultimately be criminally prosecuted for doing”

There are a number of other issues that will arise with the legalization of medical marijuana. How is marijuana to be administered to children with their conditions? It cannot be smoked, as the teacher and other children would be forced to inhale. The best method would be cannabis edibles, however there is still a risk that the child would give the edibles to other children unless watched. How the drug would be stored, secured, administered and by whom are all valid questions to ask.

A 2013 memo issued by the Department of Justice declared that schools would not be prosecuted for their failure to enforce federal laws in relation to the possession of medical marijuana. This would seem to indicate that teachers are safe from failing to enforce the law, but actively distributing and administering marijuana to children might just be a different matter entirely. Teachers are unwilling to take this risk until they get clear statements from the government. Which is a sensible stance to take.

It is not President Trump that is the main cause of concern for marijuana users. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been staunchly opposed to “illegitimate” cannabis use and has a task force at hand to apprehend the “criminals”. His views are out of touch with those of the American people and with President Trump, who is more concerned with getting the economy going and leaving citizens do as they please. But Sessions has stirred up quite a lot of fear and controversy over marijuana use with a number of controversial statements and intends to crack down on marijuana.

Recreational Marijuana v Medical Marijuana

Most of the issues that arise in relation to marijuana are due to the fact that it was prohibited. But there is another issue. The arbitrary line drawn between medical and recreational marijuana is actually quite silly. If this man-made distinction was removed many marijuana related problems would disappear. We now have two sets of laws for two sets of people with two sets of cultivators. All growing the same thing. One group happen to need the marijuana to treat their illness and the other group want it to relieve stress and enjoy themselves. But at the end of the day both groups want to inhale marijuana, and drawing a line between these two groups does not make any sense and adds to the confusion.

A Silly Situation

The line drawn between recreational and medical marijuana is in many ways arbitrary. Because now we are required to have one set of laws for one group and another set of laws for another. We have medical marijuana cultivators and recreational marijuana cultivators. If marijuana was simply “legal” without creating such artificial distinctions then there would be far less headaches to deal with.

But what is far sillier is the refusal by the government to simply decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. It is leading to so much stress and hassle than it would make far more sense for it to be legalized by one agency than having tens of thousands of local committees try to make policies and get assurances that their distribution and storage of marijuana would not result in prosecution. It would certainly help both elementary school teachers, parents and children with severe conditions in the state of Florida.

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