Las Vegas Collective Opens First Marijuana Drive-Thru in Nevada

It has been quite the week in Las Vegas when the residents of Nevada can now access their favorite marijuana strain from a drive-thru dispensary. The conditions in Las Vegas are either too hot or too cold. It is why the residents would love the convenience of having a drive thru almost for everything. No one wants to get out in the cold or heat to get served. It seems like this drive-thru has managed to capitalize on what other dispensaries are not doing. Soon or later, you can expect more of such drive-thru coming up in states that have legalized marijuana.

It does not matter about the temperature as it is common to find marijuana users coming to the drive-thru by lunchtime. This will go on until late night when it is freezing cold. According to Las Vegas Sun, Nuwu which is the drive-thru will allow for purchasing of the marijuana without leaving the comfort of your car starting noon each day.

For a drive-thru to be successful, it has to be faster when it comes to the operations. One of the cashiers said that their business was all about speed and convenience. They will try to make sure that their customers do not have to stay on the line for long. With its first drive-thru, Nuwu has taken a step further to cement its dominance in the cannabis market.

Remember that you will be getting recreational pot from this drive-thru, which makes it even better. You will not have to worry much about various credentials as it would have been for medical marijuana.

A lot of people have been asking if the drive-thru is only for those in Las Vegas. The store was quick to clarify that so long as you are 21 and older, there is weed for you there. This should be good news for those who are tourists in the area and would like to get some weed.

This comes at a time when congress adamantly refused to talk or even debate about the federal prohibition of pot. Many voters across the country have managed to give their voice through the ballot wishing for the lift of the ban on marijuana. Politicians being politicians will always capitalize on the idea of legalizing weed just to get on the good side of people. Before, most politicians were against the use of pot, but now they are softening their stand on the drug.

As much as weed has been legalized in most states, there are still more rules when it comes to recreational pot. Colorado was the first to set up laws on recreational pot since its successful implementation of the medical marijuana culture. The legalization law on marijuana has left for each locale in Colorado to decide where they want the weed shops and how it can be sold. Most people would opt to get a flight to Denver where if you are 21 or older you can get anything you want in the marijuana industry. Just make sure you know the hotel policies on smoking weed as some are quite serious about smoking pot in the rooms.

Just like in Colorado, Oregon has marijuana laws that have left the individual counties to decide how they want weed to be sold. You might just see another weed drive-thru popping up if it is allowed. The counties close to the coast tend to be progressive so finding weed shops should be easy as compared to the rest of the state that is rural. In the rural areas, you will find it being conservative, so getting a weed shop might take some searching. Depending on which county you end up, it is possible to find hotels that have no problem with you smoking a bit of weed so long you keep it to your room and not the public.

Like in Las Vegas, recreational marijuana was allowed easily. The same could not be said for Washington State. Most lawmakers were fine with medical marijuana, but it was quite a debate when it came to recreational weed. There had to be restrictions on how people could access recreational weed without making them abuse it or addicted to it.

If you have stayed in California, it should not be news when it comes to the legalization of weed. This is because weed has been legal in the state since 1996, well that is medical marijuana. Recreational marijuana came years later. It is possible to possess weed legally in the state, but you cannot smoke it in public. It is expected that the state would introduce more laws on regulating the use of weed soon.

You have to be vigilant when it comes to smoking weed in the states that have legalized weed. Make sure you understand the rules so that you do not end up in trouble.

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