Growing Tips for Healthy Marijuana Plants

marijuana plants

In order to realize high yields from each plant, marijuana growers must ensure their plants are healthy. This can be achieved by observing the discussed growing healthy marijuana plants tips.

Healthy marijuana plants often result in a higher yield which is absolutely desirable for growers in the cannabis industry. Optimizing the yield can be realized by practicing suitable plant management practices. Additionally, it lowers the prices incurred in while aiming for a certain yield. The following are some weed grow guide that may help you to grow healthy marijuana plants.

Use authentic marijuana seeds

The cannabis industry is experiencing a boom as more states legalize its use and as the medicine industry embrace its medicinal purposes. Likewise, the growers are diversifying the breeding process by adopting cloning. Clones bear their benefits but are highly risky since they ape the genetic makeup of the mother plant. Therefore, it is advisable to use the seeds from the mother plant due to guarantee of authenticity of the seedlings and eventually the marijuana plants. Using the authentic seeds makes one startup at an advantage compared to one who is using clones. Clones carry on the advantages and the disadvantages of the Mother plant. When a grower is not aware of the traits of the mother plant they begin their growing process at a disadvantage.  The ordering process of the seeds also does not consider the ecological conditions of the grower hence the seedlings take time before adapting to the environment. Authentic seeds are available locally and thus begin growth at an advantage.

Use quality soil

While planting the seeds ensure you develop a soil composition ideal for your seeds and ecological conditions. One may pot the plants or make a nursery where the management of the soil to the ideal conditions will be easier. The PH of the soil should rage around 6.5. 20% of a high phosphate fertilizer is advisable, 10% organic seafood fertilizer, 10% mix with organic material 50% potting soil and 10% of sand. During the transplanting of the seedlings, growers should ensure that the soil where they are transplanted to is similar to the potting or nursery soil. This lowers the shock on the plants avoiding a stunted growth. The use of fertilizers and boosters may be in the right proportions to avoid destroying the health of the marijuana plant.

Expose your plant to proper lighting

Proper lighting of marijuana plants is essential to make sure the process of photosynthesis is effectively carried out. The plants have to be exposed to suitable light wavelengths,especially for indoor growers. It also should also be evenly distributed to avoid the plants bending as they grow towards the source of light. LED and HPS are recommended since they provide standard lighting. Additionally, the lighting should be maintained throughout to ensure growth is continuous. The plant’s arrangement while planting and pruning of oddly positioned leaves should be done to ensure an even distribution of light to the entire plant.

Proper ventilation

The ventilation is a determinant of the aeration of the plant. Proper ventilation contributes largely to the maintenance of quality air for the plants. It also alleviates any chances of the moulding which would lead to disease attacks to the marijuana plants. Besides ensuring ventilation is well done, growers should ensure there is suitable airflow for the plants to prevent a dump environment.

Following the above weed grow guide in detail ensures the growers in the cannabis industry reap the highest yield possible form any single plant. Proper management of the marijuana plants and conditions around them guarantee healthy plants.

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